How To Choose, Install, And Shorten Your Own Mini-Blinds

How To Choose, Install, And Shorten Your Own Mini-Blinds

Mini-blinds are a very attractive and timeless way to regulate the light coming through your windows. They come in several different materials that can have advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation. Plus, you can hire a professional to come in and measure all your windows, show you some samples, put together your blinds, and then install them, or just find some affordable blinds and do-it-yourself.

It’s not hard to put them in yourself, and you’ll get the hang of it after just one try. After that, the next one will go faster, and you can save a bunch of money. Here are some tips to choose, buy, shorten and install your own mini blinds.

Why The Type of Material They’re Made of Matters

The blinds you buy at the big discount home store will likely come in cheap vinyl, nicer vinyl, metal, and possibly wood as well. If the blinds are going to be up, out of the way, on a high window where they won’t be seen up close the materials matter less. The advantage of the metal blinds is that no light will shine directly through the blinds at all, if you want real darkness, go with those or the wood.

However, a lot of people actually prefer the soft glow of light that comes through the vinyl blinds as opposed to total darkness. They can still see well enough to walk around the house but no one can see in from the outside. They do a good job of blocking the strong rays of the sun and still light up your home with a warm glow. Vinyl is usually quite a bit less expensive than the aluminum metal as well.

The other big difference that you find between vinyl, aluminum, wood, and any other material, is that some are more flexible and can take more punishment than others. If you have cats, children, dogs, or birds roaming your house the more flexible vinyl will last longer.

How To Shorten Your Mini-blinds

The standard blinds that you buy at the store are all going to be full length, nearly down to the floor long and you’ll have to remove some of the slats to shorten them. It’s fairly easy and there will be instructions on the package. If you know someone that’s done it before, they’ll gladly show you how as well.

You start by mounting the entire blind in the window and then lowering it down to the length you want in the end. Then you mark the final slat that you’re going to want in the final product and remove the blind from the brackets.

After that, you untie the pull-up strings at the bottom and just remove all of the unwanted slats, don’t throw them away until you’ve replaced the blind in the brackets for a final inspection. When all is perfect, take a few more minutes to shorten the strings since they’ll now be way too long. You don’t want children or pets getting tangled in them.

Now that you know how to shorten your own mini blinds, you will never want to pay an installer to do it for you. The entire process will eventually take about 10-15 minutes including installation and shortening. Plus, you’ll be the expert for your friends when they call needing help with their blinds.

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