My Gazebo is the Perfect NO Maintenance Solution for a Small Backyard

My Gazebo is the Perfect NO Maintenance Solution for a Small Backyard

my no maintenance backyard gazeboSo you’re living in the city and you’re lucky enough to have a small backyard, and by small I mean not big enough for a pool or something cool like that, so what do you do?

Maybe you can add a garden, or a killer BBQ pit with all the extras?

But what if you’re a vegan with a brown thumb? What’s left?

For me, I decided on a Gazebo. Why a gazebo you’re probably asking?

There are a few reasons…

First, I wanted to do something with the backyard so that it looked “finished” and well kept. BUT I didn’t want to mow any grass, weed any gardens or install any little Koi fish ponds to breed mosquitoes.

I wanted something that was maintenance free, something I would actually use and something that maybe could even “WOW” my family and friends when they visited.

A gazebo checked all of those boxes and a few more.

In fact, once it was done all I did was add a few potted plants (no weeding!) around it to give it a greener feel to the space and I had a really nice looking backyard that didn’t need any maintenance at all.

Oh, I added brick to the entire space as well so I didn’t need to cut any grass or add artificial turf. My home is a turn of the century brick house, so it matched everything perfectly.

And although I built my own gazebo, or I had it built by some skilled carpenters, I did find a few kits that would have been almost as nice on the internet

The kits would have probably saved me a nice chunk of change and some time as well. But I wanted a few adjustments and wasn’t sure if a kit would have worked as well as I wanted it to.

But either way, I got a really nice looking backyard now that I don’t have to worry about maintaining any longer, and I am really using it!

I’m so enjoying my morning coffee sitting outside in the gazebo. My backyard is walled, so it isn’t quite as noisy as being on the front porch.

I am also thinking if I do add a few more plants, that they may help to deaden the sound even more.

I’ll have to see. Like I said, I don’t want to go too crazy with plants since they will need to be watered and trimmed and that can easily become a chore, grrrrr.

So my advise is simple. If you’re looking for a great no-maintenance option for a small backyard, especially the tiny ones we have in the city, then a gazebo with a brick patio may be the perfect option.

It looks great, is functional and I don’t need to do much at all to enjoy it.

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