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The best steam cleaners are fast becoming a standard household cleaning appliance due to their ease of use, lightweight designs, and effective use of steam, rather than soap or chemicals to get tough areas sparkling clean.

But given that there are more and more models available there are some things you should take into consideration before choosing the best steam cleaner for you and your family.

If you are like me, brand name has a lot to do with choice for most appliances.

Since the steam cleaning industry is still in a growth stage, a familiar brand name is what I look for.

However there are some relatively unfamiliar brands such as euro pro steam cleaner, euro pro shark, Jiffy, Reliable, Hann that all sell vacuums as well, but seem to be dominating the steam cleaning market.

There are also more familiar names such as Bissell, Hoover and Oreck that have steam cleaners too.

So some of the questions you should be asking yourself is how often you will using a steam cleaner and on what surfaces you will be using it for.

Of course most houses – even small apartments for that matter – will have a variety of floor, wall and cupboard surfaces that can be steam cleaned, but the best thing to do is figure out what you will be cleaning most regularly.

If you have a wide coverage of hardwood floors for example, then I would give them precedence over everything else.

The thing is, some of the best steam cleaners, such as the Shark pro steam pocket mop have settings for a variety of surfaces.

The levels of steam power allow you to adjust for light dusting, mopping and even deep scrubbing.

The premise behind using steam to clean surfaces is that it applies gentle pressure, thus not damaging or scrathing finished surfaces, but also through the intense heat of the steam breaks down applied dirt and grime in a way that traditional cleaning cannot compete with.

There is less pressure needed, less abrasive scrubbing, and depending on the design of the steam cleaner – a lot of flexibility to clean hard-to-reach places in your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be made cleaner than they have been in years after a single cleaning with the best steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners work with replaceable, absorbing pads or spongey type covers that get wrapped over top of the cleaning head. One thing to consider is how often these get replaced or if they can be washed after use.

Some people just would just prefer the type that you throw out, sort of like the swiffer mop system. I prefer the sponge covers that you can wash because they seem to have a more thorough scrubbing action to them as well.

They have more padding too, that need to be tied around the steam head.

Whatever type of cover pad you prefer, the steaming action removes up to 99% of germs and bacteria from the surfaces in your home.

This is an added value for people who have breathing issues, allergies, or family pets that can bring in all kinds of foreign debris.

Looking clean is one thing, but the best steam cleaners can sanitize as well, and help your entire home be rid of hard to find odors.

Also the fact that it is just using steam and not chemicals can make your home more safe, but it can also cut down on your cleaning expenses too.

It’s really so simple.

Heat it up and steam away.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Shark steam cleaner is that your kitchen and bathroom will feel completely clean fresh and sanitized.

Your tiles will look brand new after their first steam. The steam that comes through the swivel heads allows for cleaning behind toilets, and under your fridge and stove.

These are normally spots that are ignored because it just takes extra effort and physical dexterity to get into tight places. Not so with the best steam cleaner.

You can even get to these crevices standing up straight because the tilting and swivelling head can be bent to reach underneath and behind, to apply intense steam that instantly sanitizes and leaves a streakless clean polish to the floors, tanks and appliances.

And that goes for greasy surfaces as well, because that kind of grime can only be removed so quickly with intense heat, and the Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop has a detachable steam concentrator nozzle that can be used to loosen up the toughest of stains and corners from behind appliances or in the corners of your kitchen and bathroom.

When you choose the best steam cleaner for your home, you will likely find it replacing your regular mop for everyday cleaning.

Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop by Euro Pro

The Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop is manufactured by Euro Pro Corporation. The company was formed over a century ago and is renowned for being one of the top innovators when it comes to kitchen appliances, garments care products and cleaning products in the US market today

Shark Steam Mop euro-pro Shark s3501 deluxe is powered by a 1550 watt heater that generates steam in just 30 seconds. The steam loosens the toughest of dirt from tile, linoleum, marble and most sealed floor types.

How many times have you gone through the ordeal of cleaning surfaces using the conventional hand mops by splashing water and sweating it out for that ultra clean look?

The new Euro Pro Shark S3501 Steam Mop is your answer to the prayers in this regard. The euro pro shark s3501 deluxe steam pocket mop lets you easily clean any surface swiftly and with utmost ease. This makes your job so easy that you can absolutely forget about the chemicals and sloshing the water here and there.

Now how does this product actually work? What this Shark Steam Mop does is make use of steam to sanitize and clean the floor and give it that sparkling effect.

It is so easy to use that all you need to do is add water, switch it on, and in a mere 30 seconds the 1550 watt heater generates enough steam which is all set to cut through all the dirt and grime.

The steam helps in loosening the tough dirt from the tiles, marbles, and linoleum as also the sealed floor types.

This mop has a large tank and thus you do not have to keep on filling water in it over and over again.

It has a cord that is 30 foot long which is more than enough for you to work around with the power plugged in and you can clean at least two rooms easily.

This mop comes with an ergonomic design and weighs just about 3 lbs. It is lightweight and its compact design lets you move it around wherever you want easily.

It can reach every nook and corner and keep it clean for you.

The mop head has the microfiber pads attached to it which help in absorbing the dirt from the floor.

What’s more?

It can also be used as a carpet cleaner. You can anytime replace the microfiber pads with the carpet glider in order to clean the carpets easily.

This carpet glider attachment also allows you to steam the carpet easily as also deodorize them.

This Mop has two optional mop heads.

One is rectangular while the other one is triangular in shape. This lets you easily clean

Shark S3501 Pads

almost any area and it can reach the corners easily. You also get along with this four long lasting microfiber cleaning pads which are reusable, a steam duster pad, a rectangle pad, a triangle pad, and also a large pad.

All these accessories can be cleaned very easily by just dumping it into the washing machine.

Unlike some of the other mops available in the markets which leave the floors wet, this prosteam mop uses a small amount of steam for sweeping the floors, so that the floor dries out in a short span of time.

The steam by this mop is generated when the mop is moved forward. There is no need to press any buttons or do things to release the steam.

It not only makes your sweeping job easy but the steam also helps in sanitizing the floors.

There is no need to make use of chemicals or disinfectants which smell a lot and are very harsh or even the floor cleaners which in some cases contain substances that are kind of harmful.

You are basically absolutely free of chemical residues on your floors.

This steam mop can be easily used and is absolutely safe for children or safe in case of people who are prone to allergies or even in case of pets.

This euro pro shark s3501 is very affordable and is a good one time investment. It comes with a one year warranty and till now has had good reviews from all its users thanks to its varied features.

On the whole, this euro steamer in general comes with a bundle of expectations as most of the reviews are overall quite affirmative about it.

It is very easy to use and is very light to haul around and does an amazing job of getting the dirt off and also is free of the dirty streaks that are usually left behind on the floors by the regular mops.

The Euro Pro Shark S3501 (shark steam mop) can be easily used single handedly and is great for all the lazy souls out there.

Europro shark S3101 Steam Pocket mop

The Euro-Pro Shark S3101 has some of the best consumer reviews when compared to other brands and models.

This product is very simple and easy to use, takes only 30 seconds to get ready, a long cord at 20 feet to easily span the length of your floor and its lightweight!

You certainly won’t have any problems moving it around.

There are replaceable microfiber pads which can be washed to reuse and when those get worn out, you can simply buy new ones.

Shark S3101 Steam Pocket mop features

There are a lot of mops that leave your floor wet. This mop uses the minimum amount of steam to sweep floors, so the floor dries out in very little time.

One thoughtful feature is that steam is generated by moving the mop forward.

There are no buttons to press or things you have to pull to release steam.

Not only does it sweep the floor and mop up spills, the superheated steam sanitizes floors.

You don’t have to use chemicals, harsh disinfectants or floor cleaners that may contain substances that are harmful.

The shark S3101 steam mop leaves No chemical residues on the floor so after cleaning is safe for children, people prone to allergies or pets straight away.

This fabric steamer offers almost as much power as a commercial model but in a more compact shape for easier home use and storage.

Equipped with an efficient 1,200-watt heater, this helpful appliance emits 20 minutes of continuous steam through high-velocity jets.

The steamer safely removes wrinkles and freshens up curtains, delicate clothing, and bed linens while saving the expense and hassle of a trip to the dry cleaner.

The T-shaped nozzle disperses steam in a wide path for faster de-wrinkling while the 5-foot hose and nozzle end stay comfortably cool during steaming.

The fabric steamer’s lightweight body weighs only 5 pounds so is easy to carry to the sink or tub to fill with water.

Water level markings on the steamer’s translucent blue sides show the maximum water level and when the tank needs refilling.

For safety, this fabric steamer automatically shuts off when the handle is returned onto the body. For additional convenience, the fabric steamer has a 6-foot cord that wraps around the base for storage and comes with a door hook for hanging the nozzle and any garment.

Product Reviews

Here are some reviews on this product by people who have already purchased the item. The first person states “I spent several months researching garment steamers and could not decide which one I wanted price vs. quality and which brand was best etc.

So I decided to buy an inexpensive one and see if I liked it. They stated that they the steamer and glad that they didn’t pay $200 which is normally the prices for steamers like this.

When I got it home, it was easy to assemble just stick the hose in, fill it up with water and turn it on. It took a few minutes actually I realized I hadn’t been paying attention and filled it way past the max fill line but it still never overflowed or leaked. As soon as the water started boiling, it began to put out a lot of very hot steam. I was a bit worried that the hose was too stiff but once the steam started flowing, it became very flexible.

Another person that purchased the item states “I love silk everything, so my dry cleaner loves me. Like many people, I take a boatload of items in every few weeks and hope they don’t wrinkle again on the way home or in my closet the whole process is expensive, and this little steamer really helps save your clothes and your wallet.

It generates a strong, steady flow of steam in about five minutes, and is easy to fill, carry, and store.

With one max fill I was able to refresh three silk cardigans, smooth the wrinkles out of three silk blouses and a few of my husband’s ties a good 20 minutes of steaming.

It comes with an over-the-door hanger, and two other attachments that slide over the nozzle head. Instructions for the unit are clear, but nothing is said about the additional attachments.

The Euro Pro Steam Cleaner itself is thoughtfully designed the nozzle hose coils around the unit, and the head locks into place on top of the steamer, and underneath the Euro Pro Steam Cleaner is a built in cord wrap for the power cord.”

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